Spring sellers are on the lookout

We all know that spring is the most popular season to put your property on the market as there are statistically more people out looking to buy. This can work to your advantage. People who have put their property on the market and sold in spring will be on the lookout for their next home, heading into summer and a new year, giving you the perfect opportunity to market your property to them.

Why Christmas can be a good time to sell your home

Attract serious buyers

Christmas is the time when most people are off work relaxing or taking a much-needed holiday, so buying a new house might be the last thing on most people’s minds. If you do decide to sell your property at Christmas, you are more likely to attract only serious buyers who are looking to purchase a property as soon as possible, preferably before the commencement of the next working year. If you cannot be bothered to deal with people who will waste your time, Christmas may be the perfect time for you to put your property on the market.

Attract a higher sale price

Generally, during the Christmas period, the number of properties on the market dramatically decreases, therefore reducing competition between sellers and increasing competition amongst buyers. This means it is likely a more concentrated group of buyers will be vying for your property. Hopefully this results in out-biding each other in order to secure your home, leading to a higher sale price for you.

Enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property

As Christmas falls within the first month of summer, it can be the perfect time for you to enhance the natural beauty of your property. Blossoming gardens and light filled rooms will set the stage for award-winning photographs which you can upload online as well as print onto flyers and poster-boards.

Make the most of the ‘summer’ features of your home such as the pool, air conditioning, large windows or generous outdoor entertaining areas in order to attract people to buy during summer.

Capitalising on the festive season with decorations can also make your home appear more inviting – just don’t go over the top with the tinsel and flashing reindeer, keep it tasteful and relatively neutral to enable all types of people to imagine what living in your home would be like for them.

Potential negatives to consider

As many people go on holidays over the Christmas period or simply take time off to spend with their families, it may be slightly more difficult for you to find a real estate agent who you work well with.
Some buyers may also be suspicious of why you wish to sell your property over Christmas as opposed to taking a holiday. They may believe that you are trying to secure a quick sale because of financial difficulties or a defect in the property.

To avoid arousing suspicion, try to answer all questions potential buyers put to you about the property and enable thorough property inspections at multiple different times throughout your marketing campaign.

Content originally appeared on The Real Estate Voice

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