Create a gender neutral bedroom for Babies’ and toddlers’

Once upon a time it was pink for girls and blue for boys. That may still hold true, especially in...

Thinking outside the box for colours in your kids’ bedrooms

There is a world of possibilities away from traditional colour schemes in kids’ bedrooms. This chalk wal...


Matt Wineera, AREINZ

February 11, 2020

4 tips to transform that spare room into a home gym

There are gym rats and then there are those of us who feel intimidated by them. Can you blame us?...

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

February 6, 2020

No mow garden – what to lay if you can’t have grass

A lush lawn is beautiful to look upon, but it requires constant care and attention. And if your backyard garde...

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

February 2, 2020

Do you use reusable bags and cups? Here’s 10 eco friendly product alternatives ...

It’s unfortunate, but we can’t buy our way to sustainability with a cupboard full of pretty “eco”...

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

January 26, 2020

Tips for the best and weirdest ways to survive humidity and keep cool in Your Home

Summer has just begun and that means many sticky, sleep-deprived nights are yet to come. Tossing the covers...

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

January 23, 2020


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