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Real estate growth triumphs over adversity

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

With many real estate brands reporting record growth in recent months, coupled with interest rate lows, flexib...

Clearance rates : what they mean for buyers and sellers

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

If you read any auction stories in the Sunday papers or online, the words “clearance rates” will inevitabl...

Working with nature to help property values thrive

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, the importance of presentation cannot be overemphasis...

Your property inspection checklist as done in Australia: must-take items

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Augmented-reality technology and pandemic restrictions are quickly changing the way we buy, sell and rent prop...

How buyer’s advocates provide the investment edge

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

  Time-poor investors still seek to be information-rich, especially when it comes to their property portf...

Improving your interior air quality

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

  It’s a fact of life that indoor air pollutants, such as dust, pet hair and mould, can create havoc...

Covering all costs: Lending fees checklist

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

  So you’ve finally found the perfect property. Everyone agrees; even the dog likes it! If you’ve don...

A pet subject: don’t assume in strata developments

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

  With the rise of apartment living, it’s only natural that the issue of pet ownership in strata comple...

Future trends in commercial property

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

  Analysts to office staff agree that the future of work has been sharply realigned, due to the effe...


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