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Multi-generational housing: the bigger picture

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Studies by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute found financial circumstances are an overriding...

Creating sustainable homes for universal access

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Creating liveable homes for all ages and personal mobility issues is a forward-thinking and value-adding objec...

Designing for climate

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Constructing homes with passive design principles is an increasing priority for owners and builders. People ar...

Diplomatic relations at their noise-reducing best

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Noisy neighbours can make every day seem like you’re living in the middle of a war zone. But there are...

Protecting your home against pest invasion

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Pest infestation is never pleasant, but if you detect evidence of unwanted visitors in your home, there are me...

Pet loves for cohesive apartment living

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Apartment living is becoming increasingly popular, and with this comes the rise of apartment pets.  The p...

Renovation research pointers

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Whether you are building or undertaking a major renovation, check current legislation in your region to ensure...

Window shades with a view to energy efficiency

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

The best-dressed windows serve a valuable dual purpose of keeping the winter chill at bay and blocking harsh s...

Your property inspection checklist as done in Australia: must-take items

Matt Wineera, AREINZ

Augmented-reality technology and pandemic restrictions are quickly changing the way we buy, sell and rent prop...


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