What’s a Christmas feast without the snap of a cracker? These four DIY Christmas cracker ideas are a great way to ensure your crackers look great on the table, and the goodies inside are exactly what you want

What You’ll need for your Christmas cracker :

+Paper/material of choice
+ Cardboard tubes, cut into 10cm lengths
+ Long cracker snaps (these can be found at most craft stores)
+ Sticky tape
+ String or ribbon of choice
+ Small gifts or lollies/some good jokes

How to assemble your Christmas cracker :

  1. Cut strips of chosen material to cover each tube, leaving enough overhanging on each side to twist into a bonbon shape.
  2. Insert a snap in each tube, ensuring each end aligns with the material ends of the bonbon. Secure with a little tape inside the tube.
  3. Wrap the tubes with prepared material. Gently twist one end and secure with the string/ribbon, being careful not to scrunch or tear it.
  4. Fill the cardboard tubes with small gifts or lollies
  5. Secure the other end of the Christmas cracker with string/ribbon, being careful not to crush the shape.

Scroll down for four DIY Christmas cracker ideas : 

DIY Christmas cracker idea

1. Animal cracker

Use a quirky gift wrap to create this patterned look.

2. Natural Rustic

Bring that nature-loving spirit to the table with a rustic style Christmas cracker.

DIY Christmas cracker idea

3. Felt style

Pop your Christmas cracker gift into some gorgeous felt material, securing it with a ribbon for something a little different.

DIY Christmas cracker idea

4. Luxe look 

The key to creating this style is the paper – we used a gold mock-croc style to make the Christmas decoration look more expensive than it looks.


Maree Homer/bauersyndication.com.au

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