Spring has sprung, and as the weather warms it’s that time of the year where we often clean parts of the house that haven’t had much attention during the year. It may seem like a big task, which is why putting together a checklist can make the spring cleaning jobs a little easier.

You’ll probably need a few pairs of hands to get it done, so get the kids on board one weekend or for a couple of weekends, assign jobs, give incentives and you’ll be done in no time. It’s a great chance to get the whole family involved and helping out. Spring cleaning on a nice sunny day and the whole family involved what can be more empowering?

Here are some of the top areas to tackle when spring cleaning.

Kitchen area


The kitchen is the heart of the home, which as well as lots of cooking, often means lots of people in and out. Here’s what to make sure you clean once in a while.

Clean your oven and stove top. Get ready for those summer dinners with friends and family by cleaning your oven and stove top. Keeping them clean on a regular basis will improve the effectiveness of them too – but make an extra effort on spring cleaning weekend.

Defrost your freezer. This one should be done at least once a year, when better than in your spring cleaning weekend, to ensure efficiency of your freezer. It’s something that can be ongoing whilst other jobs are being performed around the house, so do this one early on in the day and come back to it at the end.  

Clean out that fridge. It’s easy to forget about the fridge. Every so often, take everything out and give it a thorough clean. It will improve the efficiency of the fridge and keep your food fresh for longer.

Declutter and reorganise the pantry. Empty bottles hanging around? Expired items? Decluttering is super helpful in the long run. Take everything out, wipe clean the shelves. What better time to reorganise your pantry than when you are spring cleaning?



We often spend more time in our bedrooms over the winter months, so they collect a little more dirt and dust. Here’s what to look out for.

Wash your pillows. Everyone knows it’s important to wash pillow cases but how often do you wash the actual pillow? Washing them when you are spring cleaning on a nice sunny spring day will make your pillow smell fresh as the breeze. Keep it clean to keep you healthy throughout the year.

Declutter and reorganise the your closet. Time to go through your clothes and split them into four categories: keep, give away, sell and throw out. Make sure you don’t just throw away everything – give your local charity shop a call and give your clothes to somewhere in need. 



Apart from the week to week cleaning of your bathroom, here are some to-do’s that are perfect for a spring cleaning session.

Declutter and reorganise the cupboards. Have expired or outdated medicine sitting around? Get rid of them, you’ll be surprised by how much extra room you’ll free up.

Tile cleaning. If you have tiles, now’s a great time to give them a good clean and keep your bathroom looking spotless.

Unblock your drains. Drains often gather a lot of grime over time, so pouring some drain unblocker down your drains won’t do any harm even if they aren’t actually blocked. 

Living area

Living room

During the winter months, we spend plenty of time huddled around the fire in the living room – so spring cleaning your living room is a good opportunity to reorganise the placement of your furniture.

Lampshades. Ever thought about cleaning these? They can be dust traps, so take them off their stand and give them a good wipe down.

Coffee tables. Mugs, handbags, plates – we put plenty of things on coffee tables, so they’re always in need of a good clean.

Outside cleaning


With summer coming, it’s the perfect time to be spring cleaning your outdoor area for those summer barbeque dinners with friends and family. 

Replace any broken bricks or tiles in your courtyard. Get your courtyard ready for the warmer nights ahead by fixing up any broken tiles or bricks.

Trim trees/bushes/hedges. Sprucing up your backyard by trimming back overgrown greenery can do wonders! If you can’t do this one yourself, give the team at Goodnest a call.

Clean outdoor lighting fixtures. This isn’t one we often think of, but can help keep your outdoor area looking it’s best for the summer season. An outdoor spring cleaning session is a great time to look at replacing bulbs and even the fittings.

Water blast. Water blasting can seriously transform your backyard. It is always worth it for the facelift. If you don’t have time to do it yourself Goodnest also offers this service.

Outside area

Around the inside of Your Home

There are some tips that go for the whole house – so when you’re done with spring cleaning each room give the whole house a once over with these last tips. 

Skirting boards. This is a common part of every room that never gets the attention it needs. Being down at ground level, it collects all the dust and dirt that falls from above as you clean. By doing it last you’ll make life easier for yourself.

Clean the carpet. This can be a big task and can require heavy-duty equipment. Goodnest offers a great carpet cleaning service if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Wipe doorknobs and light switches. This is definitely something that goes unnoticed most of the year. Who thinks to clean these? Yet, they probably are touched more than anything in the house, meaning more germs.

Spot clean your walls. As you move through each room, check the walls and clean the marks to keep your home looking spotless. 

It seems like a long list for spring cleaning Your Home inside and out, but as the saying goes, many hands make light work, so enlist your family to help out or check out Goodnest for all the services they provide. Your house will feel brand new when you’re done. 

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