There is a world of possibilities away from traditional colour schemes in children's bedrooms. This chalk wall is one example of how you can mix things up.

There is a world of possibilities away from traditional colour schemes in kids’ bedrooms. This chalk wall is one example of how you can mix things up.

Your kids’ bedrooms should be a safe and inviting space for them to play, relaxing enough for them to fall asleep quickly and neutral enough to keep up with their fickle personalities.

But if you’re tired of finding the same pink and frilly curtains for your daughter’s room and the same motorbike and race-car duvet covers for your son’s bed then you’ll need to think outside the box.

Designer Ashleigh Jones from Christchurch design company Comber and Comber said when decorating your kids’ bedrooms it could be a struggle to know where to begin, especially when not wanting to succumb to the stereotypes.

A child's room can be more interesting than just the usual pinks or blues.
A child’s room can be more interesting than just the usual pinks or blues.

“There is a world of possibilities from artwork to wallpaper, flowers and foliage to so many different textural elements there is no reason you have to fall into the trap of stereotypical colours and schemes,” she said.


Introducing different textures, whether it’s through throws, a rug or soft toys, is a great way to help your kids’ bedrooms feel warm and inviting.

“Keep the focus on neutrals for the larger elements of the room and add the colour and imagery into the more changeable aspects and soft decor, this way you’re saving yourself time and money from having to re-style your kids’ bedrooms every few years as they grow.”

It is important to consider a mix of colour, textures, foliage and personal touches, she said.


Jones said the style of furniture already in your kids’ bedroomskids’ bedrooms would give a sense of the colours and tones that would suit.

She suggested a more monotone grey, black and white scheme for modern style furniture or warm tones such as beige, yellow or oranges for a Scandinavian-style room.


Tepees and canopies are a great way to add interest and will make your kids’ bedrooms play space more inviting.

“Straight away we can see two completely different styles emerging without the use of pink or blue. However, don’t be afraid of using soft blues or greens, combinations like blue and yellow or green and yellow in small amounts can create great gender neutral decor schemes also.”

Jones said a painted feature wall should stick to softer colours and only be used on one wall.

“To add some life to your kids’ bedrooms, especially if you have gone for a more monotone or subtle colour scheme, is to add plants or any type of greenery,” she said.

Lume principal designer Melissa Merrin agreed it was a good idea to start with a neutral palette for the walls, window treatments and flooring.

“Keep things simple, kids change their minds a lot. White walls are surprisingly practical, easy to clean and easily touched up if needed,” she said.



Curtains, blinds or shutters are a big part of your kids’ bedrooms. Jones said it was good to keep these simple and neutral as well.

“Making sure you have a blackout lining will be a life-saver as they get older and complain they can’t sleep because it’s still light outside.”


Your kids’ bedrooms should feel warm and inviting with lots of interest so that it is a perfect playroom but also the perfect safe place to fall asleep, Jones said.

“Texture is a great way to do this. A great textural or interactive rug is perfect with lots of additional throws and soft toys. You can’t go wrong with teddy bears or animals such as monkeys, bunnies, deer and most farmyard animals.”

Tepees and canopies would also work well in your kids’ bedrooms and with the addition of extra cushions, toy chests and baskets would create a calming, cosy space for their favourite bedtime story.

Merrin said a large rug would define the play area and add texture.

“Make sure that there is plenty of storage, floating shelves are great for displaying treasures, utilise storage under a bed and in the wardrobe using stylish storage boxes,” she said.

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