One thing we know for certain: homeowners that sell their homes
quickly and for top dollar are happy. Let’s face it, selling a home is hard work and nobody wants to be in that position for any longer than they absolutely have to.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to get in and out of the selling process quickly and to maximise profit at the negotiating table.

Tip #1 – How to Maximise Profit

While it’s important to clean and stage a home to maximise profit,
it won’t get you anywhere if it’s like putting lipstick on a pig

Squeaky doors, dripping taps, torn window screens and damaged
baseboards all add up to a price reduction. So before you get out the cleaning supplies (or schedule a cleaning crew) fix all the little things that homebuyers will notice and give your desires to maximise profit a big hit.

Then you can clean the house – from top to bottom. Make it look like you have a full-time cleaning staff with clean windows, floors and walls.

Clean and organise cupboards and wardrobes – yes, they will look inside. Clear the countertops of anything that isn’t decorative.

Tip #2 – Think like a Homebuyer

Buyers won’t jump through hoops to get information about your house. Most give up after one phone call. While your agent has a lot to do with this, you can do your part as well.

Don’t make it difficult for potential buyers to view Your home.

Make Your home available for viewings; even at the last minute and even if it’s not a convenient time for You – think maximise profit!

Does your agent answer the phone or return phone calls promptly?
You should know this before you even hire an agent. It should be part of the process of elimination.

Call each agent under consideration and never hire one that doesn’t return your call promptly. If they don’t return a potential listing client’s call they will certainly not return a homebuyer’s call.

Tip #3 – Always Sell First

We typically advise our clients to sell their home before moving.
This is because studies show that vacant houses take longer to sell. This is the same reason many homeowners pay decorators to stage their homes.

Buyers want homes that they feel they can move right into and a vacant home doesn’t give them that feeling – can’t stress enough that Your desire is to maximise profit.

Tip #4 – Price it to Sell

Although location, location, location is every real estate agent’s mantra, price, price, price is that of every homebuyer – they simply will not buy an overpriced home.

Determining a price range that will attract buyers while at the same time not “give away the farm,” requires the services of a real estate agent.

With our knowledge of current market conditions and the neighbourhood we can be sure that your home is priced appropriately to maximise profit.

We’re happy to meet with You to discuss what we do to sell homes quickly and for top dollar. A consultation is free, there is no obligation to use our knowledge, experience and services and it’s only a phone call away.

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