Revamping rooms and changing up your interior style doesn’t need to be expensive to have a big impact. If you get creative, you can get a few cheap items and make a room feel modern and refreshed on a budget. We’ve put together a list of creative ideas that range from DIY fairy lamps, to print ideas, how to bring nature into a room and how to create texture, scale and colour to your walls – go forth and create a new interior lifestyle to enjoy!

DIY Fairy Lamps

Make artsy and recycled lamps made from fairy lights and unused jars! A popular prop and lighting method by modern photographers, these battery powered lights run off a couple of AA batteries, cost about $10 for 10m of warm fairy lights and are pretty versatile. 

Using them as dim nightlights or as a small glowing table piece to watch Tv shows with the lights off and avoid fumbling along the coffee table for the remote and snacks. Any jars or glass vases work well, smaller ones need to be checked to see if the battery packs fit,  the larger the jar, the more lights you will need to make it look full for your new interior lifestyle.


Hanging Plates

Memories of your Grandmother’s old china hanging in her house might make you dismiss putting plates up on your walls, but creative layouts and colours are bringing it back in!

Change up your interior lifestyle with the use of hanging plates that can add details of texture, scale and colour to your bland walls. Get creative with it and don’t reserve just the expensive and delicate china for this. Grab a few cheap plates, give them a quick paint job and play with the possible layouts on the walls – wow! new interior lifestyle!

Open Shelving

Open shelves are coming in this year, and with this comes the ability to make a feature from small pieces you have. 

To make your interior lifestyle more interesting the use of intricate and interesting glassware, small sculptures, terrariums and old hard stacked hardcover books can be used as display pieces, as well as having a place to hold jars of dry ingredients other miscellaneous items that need a home.

Wall Art & Prints

To further enhance your interior lifestyle, wall art and prints can be changed and suited to every room and homeowners taste. Mix up colours, shapes and sizes to give some added visual appeal and diversity in shape.

Don’t just stick to the few stocked pieces by the big brand, cheap and cheerful stores either, try looking at local art creators and illustrators collections. 

A good place for this is local for kiwi artists project, paintings and photographic prints.

Succulents and Terrariums

Succulents and Cacti are ideal plants to use for adding natural colour to rooms, especially modern and minimalistic rooms of white, black and one other colour, or pop a few on window sills and shelves. 

Creating small terrariums is easy too, with a small glass bowl or interesting glassware and a hand full of pebbles, you can plant your succulents and use them as centrepieces on coffee tables and side tables – your new lifestyle interior waiting for compliments!

If you’re the kind of person that plants tend to die on, grab some fake succulents and unless you really try, they shouldn’t look too bad after months of not being watered.

Floating Bookcase

Getting away from standard shelving, more discreet and creative shelving is becoming popular. 

Have a look at floating shelving solutions, attached to the wall, these clips hug a hardcover book and hold up the weight of books placed on top.

Displacing along different heights brings a visual line and builds a sense of contrasting levels into the space.

Mix Up Your Lighting Options

Pendant lighting has been on the rise in the last while, with the bohemian semi-industrial style becoming popular in hipster bars and third wave coffee houses, it’s started to make its way into the residential home.

Cheap pendant lighting can be found online, and are perfect for high ceiling lounges and above kitchen counters. 

Add filament lights to it as well for that warm glow and intricate filament shape inside the clear bulbs for the full effect. Additionally, mix and match bulb shape and size to add variety and interest. Your imagination has no limits when creating your new interior lifestyle.

-Edward Frankham (originally