It doesn’t take a huge bank account to take your master bedroom from feeling like your college dorm room, to the sanctuary from a noisy world that it should be.

And, it doesn’t take a lot of time either.
Broken into chunks, you can redecorate your master bedroom over the course of one, two or three weekends, depending on how much time you want to devote during each session.

Here are some tips to get you started; tips that won’t break the bank.

Come up with a vision for the space

What does your ideal master bedroom look like?
Is it a quiet place in which to seek solitude?

Or, is it a place where you enjoy the company of your children, reading, watching TV or roughhousing on the bed?

Think about how you use your master bedroom now and use that as a guide to everything from paint colour to accessories.

Paint is the foundation for everything else

If you’ve ever been presented with the dilemma of trying to decide on a paint colour, you know how challenging it can be. Standing in front of the paint chip samples at the local DIY store, you’re presented with an overwhelming number of choices.

Then, consider that “Room colour, particularly in your home, can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions,”

Babies cry more in yellow rooms and blue helps sell homes. The best way to help you decide on a colour is to do some online research. Pinterest is full of ideas – just enter the colour or mood you’re considering into the search-box and you’ll be presented with pages of tips.

We found some brilliant paint colour ideas by searching “relaxing bedroom” at Pinterest. See the results here.

It is suggested that the most invigorating colours are saturated but not too bright, such as Kelly greens. Saturation, by the way, describes the intensity of a colour.

Colour scheme

Once you’ve figured out the primary colour for your master bedroom, it’s time to determine your colour scheme.

Once you have new paint on the walls you will need to determine a colour scheme, designed around the paint colour.

Schemes to consider include:


Complementary colours come from opposite sides of the colour wheel. For instance, blue paired with orange.

In decorating, it’s a good idea to choose one soft shade and one bold. For instance, a soft blue with a bold orange. Check out the what Resene advises.


Monochromatic colour schemes involve using different shades of one colour. For instance, paint the walls in Resene’s Abacus and use Half Spindle and Chathams Blue  as accent colours (for the bedspread, rug, accessories, etc.)

Prefer griege? Consider Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray for the walls and then incorporate pops of Gauntlet Gray and Eider White.

Now, dress it up

Choosing accent pieces for your master bedroom is the fun part of the process. Curtains, bedding, a rug or two – they can all add immensely to the feel you’re looking for. They also add texture, softness even edginess, depending on what you choose.

If you’re going for the look of a luxury resort hotel room, you’ll need loads of pillows to stack on your bed, a small table and a chair (or two) and artwork to carry on your colour scheme.

And, speaking of artwork, paintings and photographs are fine, but consider three-dimensional pieces as well.


If you’re considering your master bedroom makeover for a future home sale, contact us. We’ll give you an idea of which features will give you the highest return on your investment. 

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