Following the Prime Minister’s latest announcement and move to Alert Level 2, we’ll be adjusting the way we conduct the buying and selling of property, property inspections and open homes. While we’re allowed to get back to business, these adjustments will allow us to maintain social distancing and contact tracing requirements. 

What we’re doing under Alert Level 2

In order to operate under Alert Level 2, all property management agencies must have

a Covid-19 safety plan in place that sets out how we’ll operate safely. At Alert Level 2, we will continue to maintain physical distancing when we conduct our business. Contact tracing is also essential and means that we will be collecting information from any potential buyers attending open homes, property inspections and auctions. For more information on what we’re doing to maintain these social distancing regulations, visit this link

Property inspections and open homes

Where possible, we will still provide information about the property in a digital format, before conducting property inspections. During rental property inspections and open home inspections, we will be limiting the number of people allowed in a property at one time to maintain the 2 metre bubble. We’ll also have a queue management system in place for those waiting to enter the property and to maintain contact tracing, we will record all attendees’ names and contact information which will be retained for at least two months in case they’re required by Worksafe or the Ministry of Health. 

We will also be implementing measures such as the removal of shoes before entering a property and the provision of hand sanitiser which will be made available to everyone entering and exiting the property. To help everyone understand the extra measures, we’ll be displaying Covid-19 information and hygiene notices throughout the property. Following an inspection, we’ll  be thoroughly cleaning and sanitising any areas of the home the inspectors may have accidentally touched. 

What if I buy a property?

While social distancing measures are still in place, you can still purchase and move into a property. Pre-settlement inspections can take place but the same social distancing measures used in open home inspections remain in place. If the property is tenanted, the tenant’s approval will be required before a pre-settlement inspection. We’ll also conduct our business over the phone and via email where possible to limit the in-person contact we need to make. However, our offices are now open with social distancing measures in place. 

The social distancing and contract tracing measures we use will remain in place under Alert Level 2. The cabinet will again review these measures and consider a move to Alert Level 1 by 22 June. 

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