Your Open home is an important way to catch the eye of potential buyers and invite them to fall in love with Your property. Here are 10 top tips to ensure Your home makes the right kind of first impression with house hunters on their open home travels.

1. De-personalise

Buyers want to picture themselves living in a property, so remove anything that’s too personal, like family photos – replace with art pieces just for the open home period.

2. De-clutter

Less is more. Remove ornaments that make the place feel cluttered, keep the kitchen benches clear and get rid of the pile of coats or shoes you usually keep by the front door.

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3. Lighten up

Make the place feel open and inviting by turning the lights on and opening curtains and blinds. On a sunny day open doors leading to outdoor entertaining areas.

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4. Think about the small things

Small touches can make all the difference. Remove your half-empty shampoo bottles from the shower, tuck away your toothbrushes, remove washing from the line and pop the toilet seat down – all of these small things make Your open home more appealing.

5. Amp up the street appeal

Make the right kind of first impression by ensuring the front of your property is tidy and well presented. A fresh lick of paint on the front fence and waterblasting the front deck are easy ways of making the place look its best. Consider hiring some eye-catching potted plants to cost-effectively add a drop of style.

6. Clean up

It might seem obvious, but give the place a thorough spring clean. That includes organising the insides of your cupboards and wardrobes as house hunters will take a peek inside.

7. Think about your pets

Sure, your family loves Oscar the poodle, but potential buyers might not. Get the carpet shampooed to remove any odours and keep your pets off the property during your open home.

8. Make every room count

Buyers won’t be able to picture themselves hosting a dinner party if your dining room is piled high with storage boxes or filing cabinets. Make sure every room is selling itself. Put beds in all the bedrooms and clear out the “stuff” that has collected in your garage.

9. Fix everything on your “I’ll get around to it” list

Is the latch on the front gate broken? Does the lock on the bathroom door not work? Have old screws left holes in the wall? Patch up and repair the small issues around your home, so buyers see the property’s potential and not the list of DIY they’ll have to sign up to – be prepared for Your open home!

10. Home staging

Consider hiring a professional staging company to really bring your house to life. Interior design know-how goes a long way in making a home look its best. A statement couch and on-trend accessories can help your property feel more modern, increasing the emotional appeal of the property in the buyer’s mind.

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