Moving day can be stressful – there are boxes everywhere, your furniture is travelling across town or country in trucks and trailers, and precious things could get broken or go missing. Here are some quick tips to help keep your special stuff safer when it comes to the big moving day shift.

Hire help from reputable sources

If you are hiring packers, movers or drivers, make sure they are trustworthy and have a good reputation. Try asking friends and family for recommendations, or check out companies online and read their reviews from customers to check they will take good care of your belongings.

Ask someone you trust to stay at each property

With lots of people coming and going on moving day, both your old place and new could be at risk of burglary if someone forgets to lock a door or shut a window. Appoint a trusted friend or family member to stay at each house to make sure your stuff is safe all day long, or consider installing a smart home video monitoring system in your new place before moving day. Then you can set up alerts on your phone to tell you about any unexpected movement while you’re still at the old house packing and have total peace of mind.

Put animals safely away

Pets can find moving day stressful – and the cat getting under your feet while you’re carrying the fridge can be a little stressful too! Think about a safe place you can put your pets during the move, whether it’s shut away in a favourite room at your current property or a family member’s home, so they don’t get too overwhelmed by the activity.

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Schedule deliveries for when you’re home

Indulged in a little shopping for your new pad? Moving day (and the following few weeks) can be a busy time for deliveries of the new lounge suite, those cushions you just had to have, the shoes you bought while you looked for the cushions… If you can, schedule deliveries to arrive when you know you’ll be at the house so there is no risk of them being picked up off the doorstep by someone else. Alternatively, you can enlist technology to help – video doorbells with two-way audio can let you tell a delivery person from your phone what you want done with items right there and then.

Write a plan for the day

For a smooth-running moving day, write out a rough plan of what’s happening when, who will be where, and crucial contact details, such as the moving company number, the power/gas company who are coming to connect the property, and neighbours who might need to be advised of truck arrivals and departures. Being able to contact people quickly, and keep tabs on what is happening at both houses, will help reduce the chances of strangers taking advantage of the activity. 

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