If there’s one thing we can guarantee during the home buying process , it’s that You’ll be signing a whole lot of documents and hopefully You won’t end up with a sore wrist or a bad case of brain fog.

The sheer volume of papers You’ll sign may seem mind-boggling. The time You’ll spend sitting in the chair will numb more than Your  rear end.

But there is still work to be done. This is the fun part of the process though. As soon as You have the keys to Your new home, get busy getting it in “move-in” condition.

In fact, there are some things that should be done before You move into your new home.

1. Transfer the utilities to the new address

Naturally, this is something You’ll want to do in advance of  moving in. We typically remind Our clients to transfer utilities prior to moving into Their new home.

And, by utilities, We mean electricity, water, gas, rubbish collection ( if you have a contractor who collects Your rubbish ) telephone land lines, security service (if the home has one), cable TV and internet.

Your real estate Agent will know what day of the week the rubbish collection happens in Your new neighbourhood.

If You’ll be transferring other services to the new address, such as landscaping and pool cleaning, do those at the same time.

2. File a change of address with the post office

The post office needs to know where to deliver your mail to you at your new home and you have two ways of letting them know. You can go to the post office and fill out a change-of-address card or do it online at NZ Post.

3. Determine the quickest way to school and the best way to go to work

In all the excitement of moving into Your new home, Monday will roll around before you know it.

Do You know what time to leave Your new home to get to school and work on time? Use the time before moving in, to familiarise Yourself with the various ways You can take to each.

Make the trips during the morning commute time (not on a weekend), so that You can time Your trips to the minute. This way, You can relax and know that nobody in Your family will be late for school or work.


4. Change the locks on all doors leading to the exterior of the home

This task will need to wait until the home is actually Yours, and you have the keys in your hand your new home. Call a locksmith or, if you’re the DIY type, change the locks yourself.

Consider one of the new smart locks. They’re especially handy for large families and for those who have a tendency for losing keys.

5. Need paint?

It’s a rare home that couldn’t use fresh paint on the walls and now is the best time to slap some on. If you wait, you’ll need to cover or move furniture out of each room and remove art work from the walls.

If you’ll also be replacing the flooring, you can be as messy as you want without a care as to where the paint is landing.

Speaking of new flooring, get that laid after painting and before moving into your new home if You’re able to.

6. Give the home a deep clean

The previous owners of Your new home were most likely told by their real estate agent that They were expected to leave the home in a “tidy and clean” condition.

There is really no one definition of this term, but at the least, the floors should be swept and vacuumed and all personal belongings removed from the home.

No, it doesn’t always happen. But one thing You can most likely depend on is that your new home won’t be deeply clean.

You’ll be so happy you took the time to do this, or hired someone to do it for you, when you move in and don’t have to lift a finger to be able to enjoy your new digs.

7. If you have pets

Walk around the perimeter of the home to ensure the fencing doesn’t include gaps wide enough to allow Your pet to get out. If Your dog or cat will spend time in the garage, store chemicals (especially automobile anti-freeze) up high, out of their reach.

Welcome Home

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