The kitchen is one of the most influential rooms in a home. Not only is it a room that we all use daily, it’s one that can also influence buyers when it comes to purchasing your home. Kitchens are one of the most expensive rooms to completely renovate and buyers will appreciate it being done for them. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on improving your kitchen. 

A new coat of paint

If your kitchen feels outdated or needs a new look, paint is your answer. You can easily repaint the ceiling and walls, cabinets, splashback tiles and even your benchtop to freshen up the look and feel of your kitchen. Take advantage of the latest trending colour schemes to attract and appeal to your buyer demographic. 

New cabinets and handles

Swap out your dated or tired looking cabinets and handles for more modern, eye-catching designs to give your kitchen an easy face lift. If you’ve already painted the cabinets, replacing the old handles will help you tie together the colour scheme and make your kitchen more stylish. Contemporary matte black handles continue to dominate the kitchen trends as they’re simple and can suit any interior style so don’t go too crazy when you choose your new designs.

Clean up the grout

Grout makes all the difference in freshening a tired space. If you have a tiled splashback, cleaning the grout can make it look brand new. The same goes for the tiles around the entire kitchen. You might find that cleaning the silicone seals simply isn’t working and you may need to replace it altogether. 

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Replace your sink tap

If you’re feeling a little more advanced in your DIY skills, consider replacing your sink tap fixtures. An old tap can easily date a kitchen and given how often they’re used, have leaking issues or less features than newer tap fixtures. Something new and stylish will help tie the entire design of your kitchen together and help make it look brand new.

Include some art

Despite all of your DIY effort, your kitchen may still need some personality. Try hanging art or prints to help bring the kitchen into the modern world and create a vibe that buyers can associate with. As long as the art is well out of reach of water or flames, it can help add some colour and texture to the space.

You don’t need to completely renovate your kitchen to bring it into the modern world. It’s time to improve your kitchen with these simple DIYs. 

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