Summer is the perfect time to open up the windows and let light in, welcome guests over, play with colour and enjoy a healthy meal with friends and family outside. There’s so much to celebrate in December – the end of year is just the start of it – but when heading into this busy period, preparation is key. When you’re prepared, you feel more relaxed, in control and less stressed. Get your home holiday-ready for summer using our stress-free, back-to-basics guide to clearing, cleaning, simplifying and beautifying your indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a checklist that’ll be ever-so satisfying to tick off! Then you can spend the rest of the summer recharging for the year that lies ahead.

photo by Ogawa Fisher Architects

Let there be light
Invite sunlight into the home by opening the windows and removing the curtains and blinds. 

Use light textures, bright colours and bold patterns where you can to give that feeling of summer.

photo by Sarah Greenman

Brighten up your pillows
You can refashion the entire colour scheme of a room with just a few throw pillows. 

TIP: Change the colours up seasonally – fresh blues and greens can really brighten up the home during the summer months.

photo by ArchiBlox

Swap over your bedding
If you haven’t done so already, dry clean the heavy comforter on your bed before storing and replacing it with a lighter blanket for the summer. Swap over those heavy bed sheets for lighter sheets, too.

It’s a great idea to wash those linens in hot water to remove any allergens.

photo by C+M Studio

Wardrobe cleanse
’Tis the season to tame your closets. Start getting into the habit of rotating your wardrobe on a seasonal basis. Invest in storage containers, vacuum-seal clothing bags and cedar blocks to store out-of-season clothing. 

TIP: Clean and repair your winter clothing before you pack them away.

photo by Hannah Brown

Get bold about mould
Nothing helps mould to thrive like high humidity, so it’s important you try doing everything you can to get household moisture under control. 

To keep mould to a minimum in the bathroom, try increasing ventilation – you could do this by running a fan or opening a window, and by cleaning surface areas more frequently. Also keep an eye out for leaking roofs or dripping taps throughout the home. 

To remove mould from bathroom grout, use a mixture of baking soda and water on an old toothbrush. Work the paste into the grout before rinsing it off with clean water.

photo by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

Dirt and dust be gone
Dusting everything from the top down. Clean the walls and ceiling fan first before you move to the baseboards, and finally sweep up all of the dust. 

In the home, rugs are the biggest dust collectors. Give all the rugs in your home a good shake outside – try to do this at least four times a year.

Just add plants
Freshen up your home with fresh cut flowers and a collection of indoor plants.

photo by Mafi Australia

Fresh flowers instantly work to brighten your home, making it colourful and inviting. Houseplants also add colour, beauty and life to any home. Plants serve another purpose too: they help to filter the air in the home.

Grow your own
Breathe life into your kitchen with a fresh herb garden. Pot them in a planter, mount them on your wall or hang them in your window.

Photo by – More kitchen photos

Go outdoors
As relaxing as it can be to chill out inside the house, summer offers you with a nice alternative. Embrace nature and get some furniture outside. A few chairs and a small table is all you need to have a beautiful and functional outdoor living area that you can enjoy for the summer months to come and beyond.

Ready set swim
An easy solution to cleaning your swimming pool tiles before the guests arrive: simply add some bicarbonate of soda on a soft cloth before you scrub, scrub, scrub. 

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

With these helpful tips and ideas you can now relax and enjoy your summer.

article by Belinda Crestaini – houzz contributor

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