Looking to add that unique design detail to complete a room scheme for your home or a client? Upgrading the electrical fittings for chic and stylish design is the answer. The award-winning craftsmen at PDL by Schneider Electric design labs have created switches and electrical fittings that are breaking all the rules and have turned electrical fittings into cool interior must-haves.

From sleek, metallic finishes to minimal glass designs, find tonnes of inspiration for electrical fittings here and discover the benefits of updating these small accessories that no home can do without.

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Don’t Overlook This Important Design Feature

Unsightly switches have a lot to answer for. They can affect the whole look of a scheme, which can be frustrating when you’ve spent hours sourcing those perfect tiles or statement wallpaper. But the tide has turned on these unattractive additions that every room has to have, and new designs are ensuring cool, chic electrical fittings are now featuring on designers’ moodboards. 

Designers are rethinking the role of the light switch as a stand-alone interior feature thanks to the many new styles and finishes available. For example, a super-sleek design that features clean lines, a matt finish and LED-lit push buttons will bring an elegant finish to a simplistic Scandi scheme. 

PDL by Schneider Electric

Display the switch in a prominent spot. Forget having to hide switches behind doors or curtains where they won’t be seen. With a sophisticated design, you’ll be encouraged to fit them in eye-catching spots that not only pull focus but are also convenient to use.

Up the Style Ante

Combining stunning colours and designs with the latest technology, we guarantee you’ll be upping the style ante of your room schemes with these stylish electrical fittings. From metallic chrome designs for sophisticated high-end interiors, to laidback looks featuring pictograms for easy living, there’s a switch for every style, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. 

Before you select your switches, identify the style you’re after. If your style is sleek, contemporary and slightly industrial, then opt for a chic, metallic finish, or if you’re after something slightly quirky and unique, choose a colourful design.

Benefits for Different Areas of the Home

The Smart home is becoming something of a reality as we strive to make our homes as easy to live in as possible. Electrical fittings are moving the same way and are now providing plenty of options for making every room connectable and user-friendly. Take the kitchen, for example, where most of our family time is spent. Pop-up power outlets are ideal for kitchen islands, adding another function to this multi-purpose space. 

To create a bespoke switch layout for your home, consider how you use each room so you can pick the right combination of switches to suit the function of the space. For example, dimmer switches are great for living spaces where you may want mood lighting, while USB chargers are going to be essential in study spaces, bedrooms and in the kitchen.

Increase the Efficiency With Smart Home Ideas

Want to design a home that’s totally controllable 24/7 from any location? Using voice recognition via a central hub, or an app on a smartphone or tablet, you or your client can control their lighting, cooling or heating system to ensure total efficiency. 

Simplify life via a user-friendly app. The final step in ultimate home automation is to connect all the devices so they can be controlled via a simple app. The smart lighting system, security, audio visual and even motorised blinds, can all be controlled from the touch of a button on a screen. 

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