If your morning routine is more chaotic than calm an extra bathroom might be the solution you need. Here’s where to easily add another bathroom into your home

Whether you would like the added luxury of an ensuite or you just want to cut the morning queue to the bathroom, adding another toilet into your home is easier than you may think.

Even if you feel like you’re limited with space, some thoughtful planning and a couple of clever products are all you need to add the perfect little bathroom into anywhere in your home.

We round up five ingenious places for an extra toilet and show you how to avoid blowing your budget on extensive plumbing:

1. Under the stairs
When space is a premium, a spot under the stairs is a popular solution for an extra bathroom. You should easily be able to fit in a toilet and basin but make sure you double check the height and headroom first.

2. Back-to-back closets

It is common in homes to have built in wardrobes or storage cupboards that back on to each other. Opening up the space in between will give you just enough room for an ensuite or a guest powder room.

3. Hallway
If you’ve got a lovely long hallway chances are there’s a bit of dead space at the end. Reclaiming this area is a sneaky way to squeeze in a WC. Try using a small basin and wall mounted tapware to maximise space.

4. Walk-in wardrobe
While a generous walk-in wardrobe is a dreamy concept it’s not always the most practical use of space. With a little bit of reconfiguring you can have yourself an ensuite. Plus, these days you can get incredible space-saving wardrobe systems that can free up even more room.

5. Bedroom
If you’re lucky enough to have a big bedroom you can easily steal a corner to put in another toilet. Bonus points if the spot you’ve chosen already has a window.

Your solution

The problem with getting creative and finding sneaky spaces in your home to add a toilet is the plumbing. It can be costly and laborious to try and redirect pipes, which is why you need a macerating product that can pump waste back to the main sewage line. Sanicompact, designed by French company Saniflo, is an all-in-one macerating toilet suite that will allow you to add another bathroom anywhere in your home.

This cost-effective system can pump waste from the toilet and additional grey water from a hand basin 3m vertically and 30m horizontally back to the existing pipe system. It’s also the first 6star wells rated toilet suite, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Small bathroom tips

  • Choose a floating basin and wall mounted tapware to create the illusion of extra space
  • A big mirror will instantly open up the space and reflect light – Choose one with a stylish frame or hang a piece of art for the mirror to reflect.
  • If you need storage, try floating shelves behind the toilet
  • In a small space, little details count. A chic hand soap bottle and a pretty hand towel hung on a stylish hook will instantly lift the space.
  • Try interesting tiles on the floor to create interest.

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