Real Estate in Alert Level 3 is still reasonably restrictive but  the guidelines supplied by the REA (Real Estate Authority) to conduct Real Estate are for the safety of everyone.

You can chat with me anytime about anything Real Estate and especially Real Estate in the Alert Levels – 0274 951 536. has guidance on buying and selling during COVID-19 Alert Level 3 and Alert Level 4.

REA Guidelines for Level 3

Private viewings by buyers or potential buyers are permitted under alert level 3, with the written consent of the vendor and provided all health requirements are met

Only two visits or viewings of each home for sale per day are permitted and must meet all health requirements

Customers, clients or other members of the public cannot enter real estate offices

Visits to properties by professionals to support the real estate transaction process and to complete pre-sale conditions are permitted provided all health requirements are strictly met

Buyers may undertake pre-settlement inspections and may relocate their home

Buyers agents may undertake pre-settlement inspections for their clients

Appraisals may be completed provided all health requirements are met

Service providers may attend a property provided health requirements are met

All properties should have a NZ COVID Tracer app QR code throughout the sales process

Health requirements include:

Mask wearing is required for anyone aged 12 years and over when entering any property
NZ COVID Tracer app QR codes must be displayed in a prominent place at real estate offices and any property for sale
Contact records must also be collected for every visit at a property 
Systems and processes must be in place to ensure compliance with physical distancing

Infringement offences apply for breach of public health order requirements

Restrictions on travelling between alert level areas apply

Health requirements at Alert Level 3
Real estate agents must:

Work from home during level 3 unless it is impossible to do so. Work in the office may only occur in limited circumstances in line with health guidelines

Customers, clients and members of the public must not enter real estate offices

Ensure face coverings or masks are worn by all people over the age of 12 during visits at properties.

You can find guidance about face coverings on the COVID-19 website

Ensure there is no personal contact with customers or clients

Maintain 2-metre physical distancing and ensure there are systems and processes in place to ensure compliance with this requirement

Not visit a property if the occupants are unwell, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days

Not visit a property if you or anyone you have been in contact with are unwell, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days

Minimise time at a property

Maintain physical distancing by minimising personal contact with all people outside your extended bubble including colleagues, clients and potential buyers

Work with all vendors to ensure there are no more than two visits or viewings at a property per day, with no more than two people present at the visit or viewing

Ensure that a NZ COVID Tracer app QR code is prominently displayed at the property

Ensure that systems and processes are in place to enable contact tracing records to be kept of all people entering the property while it is for sale

Ensure visitors to a property scan the QR code and/or provide contact details

Ensure visits are contactless and cleaning of surfaces is undertaken after each visit to the property

Visits and viewings may only be conducted if all of the health requirements are met

Minimise travel between regions.

If a virtual appraisal isn’t possible, real estate agents who can comply with the above health requirements may visit a property to conduct an appraisal if the vendor and any tenants agree.

All discussions about marketing plans, disclosures and how the listing will progress must be by phone or video call to minimise personal contact.